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Daily Psalm

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Or say "Alexa, enable Daily Psalm"

Start or end each day by meditating on a Psalm.

For millennia, the book of Psalms has been a source of spiritual strength and mystical insight. This simple skill helps you start your own faith tradition centered on the teachings of Psalms.<br/><br/>Each day, Alexa will read you a new Psalm and give you a chance to meditate on the text. Whether you dedicate yourself to a half-hour's quiet reflection on the passage, or just listen while eating breakfast in the morning - Daily Psalm encourages you to develop a deeper relationship with one of the Bible's most influential and inspiring books.<br/><br/>Just ask Alexa to open the skill to hear today's psalm. After 150 days of using the skill, you will have taken the time to truly slow down and meditate on the entire book of Psalms.<br/><br/>Note: If you have trouble opening the skill, try and pronounce the 'm' at the end of the world 'psalm' more clearly. Alexa sometimes hears 'daily song' instead of 'daily psalm.'

Invocation Name

daily psalm

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Daily Psalm for today's psalm
Alexa, open Daily Psalm

Release Date

February 7th 2018