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Reminders from businesses you work with.

We aim to help you organise your day by sending in your To Do list reminders from different businesses, such as Dentist, Hair Salon, Airline, Veterinary and so on. <br/><br/>How it works? <br/>1. You have to log in with your google account so we can now who you are. <br/>2. Allow the skill to write in your To-do list.<br/><br/>And then when a business want to send you a reminder they will use our system find to find you by your email address and send you the messages.<br/><br/>Example of messages:<br/>1. From Airline, your flight AB312 is leaving in 24 hours from Heathrow aiport. Don't forget to do your online check in.<br/>2. From hair salon. We are waiting for you on High Street, number 1 at 12:00. If there are any problems and you can't make it please call us at 1111 222 333.<br/><br/>What we want to do next.<br/><br/>Give you permission to unsubscribe from a company sending you messages.<br/>Give you permission to send a message to the company directly with the skill, no need to call them via phone.

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daily planner

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Release Date

May 14th 2018