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Or say "Alexa, enable Chess Mate"

Play chess using only your voice

Beat Alexa at Chess using only your voice.<br/><br/>Enable the skill on your Alexa App, and log in via Twitter. You should now be able to ask Alexa to &quot;Start Chess Mate&quot; to start a game. <br/><br/>To find your game, go to<br/><br/>You can make your move by asking Chess Mate to move from one position to another. These cells are represented in the canonical form of &quot;A1&quot; to &quot;H1&quot;. For instance &quot;Chess Mate, move A2 to A3&quot;. <br/><br/>You can ask Chess Mate who's turn it is i.e. &quot;Chess Mate, who's turn is it?&quot; <br/><br/>To reset your game, you can say &quot;Chess Mate, restart my game&quot;.<br/><br/>To stop playing, or pause your game you can tell Chess Mate &quot;pause my game&quot;.<br/><br/>You can rehear the last move by asking Chess Mate &quot;What was the last move?&quot;<br/><br/>You can enable and disable the Twitter sharing by saying &quot;Enable Twitter Sharing&quot; or &quot;Disable Twitter Sharing&quot;<br/><br/>On occasion, Alexa misunderstands and might try and move a piece that you didn't specify. In this situation, you can ask Chess Mate to 'Undo the last move'.<br/><br/>Acknowledgements and Credits;<br/>Stockfish Chess Engine (<br/>Imagery; brgfx / Freepik (

Invocation Name

chess mate

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Chess Mate
Move A2 to A4
What was your last move?

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January 4th 2018