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Categories Game Plus is a fast-paced word game

The premium version of Categories Game<br/><br/>To have more fun and get even greater variety from Categories Game you can now buy special categories in Categories Game Plus! See the options at<br/>When you buy one (or more) of the special categories you get:<br/>All the free-tier categories<br/>All the game's progress-based locked categories immediately unlocked<br/>Your special category of choice<br/>IMPORTANT: To use your newly purchased categories, enable this &quot;Categories Game **Plus**&quot; skill and link your account. Your categories will be automatically loaded in the skill after completing the purchase.<br/>HOW TO PLAY:<br/>Alexa: &quot;I rolled the letter A. First category is Animal...&quot;<br/>You: &quot;Animal, Ant&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;Ant is correct. Great. Next category is Country&quot;<br/>You: &quot;Country, Austria&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;Austria, nice answer. Next up is...&quot;<br/>And so on...<br/><br/>If you enjoyed playing Scrabble (tm) or Scattergories (tm), you will have tons of fun with Categories Game Plus!<br/><br/>** Alexa may sometimes have trouble getting the word correctly or let you say a word that doesn't belong in the category, but we are constantly expanding the lexicon and the game keeps improving with time. Thanks for your understanding.<br/><br/>FEEDBACK:<br/>If you like the game, please leave a review. If something is wrong or you've had a bad experience, please write us before leaving a negative review at, thank you!<br/><br/>LEADERBOARD:<br/>Do your quickest and sharpest to get on the leaderboard.<br/>- See the scoring system below.<br/>- Find the leaderboard at<br/><br/>SCORE:<br/>- If you could not answer on time, had a wrong answer or Alexa had trouble understanding you (we're sorry for that), you get 0 points for the category.<br/>- If your answer was accepted, you get 50 minus the number of seconds it took you to answer.<br/>- Your score is the sum of points you received in a round.<br/><br/>TIPS:<br/>- You can skip a category by saying &quot;Skip category&quot; or &quot;I don't know&quot;. If you don't say anything for longer than 6 seconds the game will quit (Alexa's interface limitation).<br/>- You can say &quot;repeat category&quot; if you've lost track or need to buy some time to think.<br/>- If Alexa rolled the same letter twice or you just want to change the letter for any reason, say &quot;Change the letter&quot;.<br/>- Try maximizing your score by acing all categories without mistakes!

Invocation Name

categories plus

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Alexa, play Categories Plus
Alexa, open Categories Plus
Alexa, launch Categories Plus

Release Date

February 6th 2018