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You can be in the 1% who succeed in business. Business Genius is for top performers, brilliant leaders, and extraordinary entrepreneurs building their dream.

Get bite-sized business advice to help you turn your interests and attention into revenue. Go from idea, to income, to icon, with the best expert advice from SMARTSTART Founder, Linda Lopeke.<br/><br/>Looking for reliable ways to launch, grow or scale your business? Want to learn how to sell more stuff, keep more money, and love your work? Ready to put your best work out into the world without losing your mind? Significant other? All of your money?<br/><br/>Whether you want to launch, grow or scale your business, this app is for you. Add this skill to help you find your perfect people, create compelling products and services, build a standout business, and make competition irrelevant -- without losing everything that means something to you in the process!<br/><br/>BUSINESS GENIUS is expert advice and fresh thinking delivered once a week by Alexa. Use it to get the business results you want but don't have, and change the results you have and don't want.

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Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?
Alexa, what's in the news?

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April 25th 2018