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Breezy Wind

Parker Seagren

Or say "Alexa, enable Breezy Wind"

Breezy Wind tells you the current wind speed and direction in any city!

Breezy Wind can give you the wind information, including speed and direction, for any city. While basic weather information is helpful, sometimes you need to know how windy it is as well to decide how warmly to dress. All you need to do is ask Breezy Wind what the wind is like in your city, and Alexa will tell you! Make sure to include the name of the city in your request. That's all you need to do!<br/><br/>Credit:<br/>Wind by krishna from the Noun Project<br/>talk by Pundimon from the Noun Project

Invocation Name

breezy wind

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Breezy Wind what the wind is like in Chicago
Alexa, open Breezy Wind!
How windy is it in San Francisco?

Release Date

February 13th 2018