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Ambient Visuals: Meditation

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Or say "Alexa, enable Ambient Visuals: Meditation"

Alexa gives meditation video and sound

!!! BRAND-NEW !!! &mdash; Meditation Ambience with Video<br/>Get a breathtaking audiovisual experience on your Echo device.<br/><br/>Optimized for Echo Show and Echo Spot, this skill does not only provide healing meditation music but enriches the experience with high-quality video in a seamless loop.<br/><br/>It can help you relax or fall asleep.<br/>Impress your guests with fascinating screensaver on Echo Show and Echo Spot.<br/><br/>Currently, this skill plays back audio and/or video for two hours in a &ldquo;perfect loop&rdquo;. You can still use your Echo device while video and audio are playing as Alexa returns to the playback after setting a timer or asking for the time. Just what you would expect from a good screensaver.<br/><br/>Search for &ldquo;Ambient Visuals&rdquo; in the skill store and you&rsquo;ll get even more skills of this kind.<br/><br/>We&rsquo;re looking forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the experience even more.<br/><br/>-----------------------------------<br/>Stock Media provided by nmid / Pond5

Invocation Name

meditation sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Meditation Sounds
Alexa, ask Meditation Sounds to help me relax

Release Date

February 5th 2018