Acer Projector Smart Home - Alexa Skill

Acer Projector Smart Home


Or say "Alexa, enable Acer Projector Smart Home"

Acer Projector Smart Home Skill will let you adjust functions on your acer projector easily, like power on/off, volume control, and source switch.

The Acer Projector Smart HomeSkill will let you adjust your acer projector easily, like turn on/off, volume adjust, mute on/off and switch source. <br/><br/>To get started, please make sure you already create your projector account and let Acer Projector Control Skill is linked with your projector after input its unique serial number, pair code and name an alias, ex. Tiger.<br/><br/>Once you&rsquo;ve enabled the skill, you can say :<br/><br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn on Tiger&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, mute Tiger&quot;<br/><br/>(1) To turn on/off projector, you may say:<br/><br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn off Tiger&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn on Tiger&quot;<br/><br/>(2) To adjust volume of projector, you may say:<br/><br/>- &quot;Alexa, set volume to 5 on Tiger&quot;<br/><br/>(3) To mute on/off projector, you may say:<br/><br/>-&quot;Alexa, mute Tiger&quot;<br/>- Or &quot;Alexa, unmute Tiger&quot;<br/><br/>(4) To switch source of projector, you may say:<br/><br/>-&quot;Alexa, switch input to HDMI 1 on Tiger&quot;<br/>-&quot;Alexa, switch input to HDMI 2 on Tiger&quot;<br/><br/>For more information, please visit <br/>

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Tiger
Alexa, mute Tiger
Alexa, set volume to 5 on Tiger

Release Date

February 2nd 2018